Evolution Inventory Management Software

Helping you monitor daily business transactions.
Monitor credit sales easily, search for different items, get notified on depleting stock and much more.

Version 0.01


I usually write my stock and sales data in a Microsoft word document in form of tables so i wanted to transfer it to the Evolution Stock Manager. It really surprised me, it was just a few clicks and everything was in the software…very very easy….i love it, and learning how to use it was so fast, thank you Evolution Media


MD German Clinic

I am an accountant and i really like my information organized. This Evolution Stock Manager has a way of organizing and analysing information in ways that are so simple yet very helpful, the data graphs and pie charts to visualize the data are so good, the reports produced are equally organized, clients usually save money with my shop and all their purchase are monitored, this software records this very smartly, and it also tracks installments and credits, every one should use this software, its just perfect”


Accountant, Hardware Shop

I had started learning a certain foreign stock management software to help me manage my stock and sales, i had to hire someone to come and teach everyday, but since i got the Evolution Stock Manager, everything is so easy for me; I can search for items easily, i can monitor my stock, i can produce daily sales report and keep them in pdf, all monthly reports are on point, quarterly sales are so clean, i also love the yearly sales. This is it, this is exactly what i wanted, thank you”


MD, Raphael Buletwenda and Family Shop

I love the way it displays the item after you search for it, you can even specify the data when it was sold. Also the part where you add stock of an item, this thing makes things so simple, thanks guyz”


Shop Attendant, Grocery store

Easily enter and sort stock

Tired of worksheets and endless irritating errors? Or are you are just looking for efficient commercial tools?

The inventory system is a powerful and intuitive platform for Windows enabling effortless desktop automation. Easily enter and sort your data whenever you need to with just a click of a button.

Multi-User experience

The admin can create, edit and delete user accounts and can also review each users sensors and settings.

Users can enter only the data assigned to them by the administrator and cannot change entrys made unless permitted by the admin.

Capture client data

Follow up with your customers and prospects, remind yourself about important client tasks, and bring in new leads to your business

The contact management system helps with organization, but having all of your customers, past customers and prospective customers in one place is a “must have” for anyone serious about their business

Optical Character Recognition

Is your client too far or unreachable to receive documentation like invoices or receipts?

Get rid of paperwork and go digital to save time and resources. Easily generate receipts, invoices, quotations and many  more and send to your client with a click of a button.

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