Custom Business Software is the New Way to Evolve. Advance. Progress.

At Evolution Media Group We create the Digital Software & Systems that are specifically tweaked to meet your business needs and solve them. The Evolution Of your business cannot lag behind while these systems are part and partial of your process management, we endeavour to innovate with you with a vision toward technological advancement of your business

Our Design Process

The Systems We Design:


We explore a caste of new and fresh cloud-based solutions of keeping your system online running at lightning speeds with apt efficiency to boos the flexibility of your day-to-day operations

High Level Security

The new technological age presents high chances of getting hacked in the internet universe. We give you the best security for your systems with multiple alternatives for cloud-based and offline back-up solutions

Payments Intergration

A cashless society is the future of finance. All Systems are now turning to online-based transactions with VISA and Mobile Money, we are here to help you in achieving the intergrations you need. Get in touch

Data Driven

The operation of a system is boosted much by how data is entered and utilized by the users of the system. We make systems intelligent enough to analyse this data and produce the expected reports and results.

Artificial Intelligence

Systems that analyse your entered data with human-level thinking and produce for you the appropriate reports make work quick and easy. In such a tech-based world you need 'quick and easy' in order to concentrate on what is crucial. Artificial Intelligence is the foundation of quick and easy, we ensure you get it. Call Us


The importance of systems is to ensure that management makes the right decision based on the data produced by the system. The Progress of Business Operations can be quite daunting to track given the various complexities involved. We create system that enable you to get the needed feedback to make informed decisions.


By 2020 80% of businesses will be fully dependant on Financial Technologies, this is the future of the Finance Sector. We make sure your system has the needed financial integrations you need. Get in touch now.

Offline Software

We offer you the alternative of offline software. You do not need to always pay for Internet Access in order to use the Systems we design for you, you have the option of using the software with no internet and backing up at once on the Internet. Call Us

Responsive and Optimized

Eveyone needs a software that will render beautifully on all screens of all devices on which it is being access. We design systems that fit well on mobile devices, desktop devices and Tablets and Ipads, they are known as responsive systems. Call Us.

Systems We Have Designed

Evolution Stock Control Software

Evolution Loans Mgt Software

Evolution Properties System

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